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The Bass Family

Bass Energy Exploration, LLC is independently owned and operated by the Bass family. Steven has followed in the footsteps of his family and has started a company of his own with the intention of treating the investor with the respect and integrity they deserve. By finding lucrative projects at a fair price, Bass Energy Exploration has seen several years of success.

BEE Operations

Bass Energy Exploration’s projects are created, acquired, performed, and produced by a group of independent oil & gas professionals. Our geologist and engineers team research, evaluate, plan, and oversee the geology of each project. The cumulative total experience of the group reaches well over 100 years. The group, as a whole, has been working together for over 20 years.

A Commitment to America
and to Our Investors.

Help us keep the American dream alive! This country was found on the backs of hard working, independent business owners that were not afraid to step out and reach for the stars and get their hands dirty. Today, we are seeing that dream slowly disappear. Governments and large corporations are taking over every facet of our lives. Stand strong with our family and let’s keep it alive for our children and our children’s children!

We make this commitment to you, our family of investors. We will treat your money as our own and we will not do anything with your money that we wouldn’t do with our own and we will do what we say we will do. This is our pledge to you, so let’s drill for some oil and gas!

— The Bass Family

Texas Based

Bass Energy Exploration is an independent oil and gas company with a high commitment to its family of investors! It is for this reason BEE takes great pride in giving the investor the best value for their investment.

One way we are able to keep overhead to a minimum is by utilizing low cost facilities. Have you ever been wowed by an investment company’s high rise buildings, elaborate offices, and decadent furnishings?  Did you know those items are paid for off the backs of you, their investors? BEE has chosen a cost effective location and is passing that savings on to its investors.

In Dallas, TX, we have an executive office which comes with all the amenities; executive secretary, spacious offices, conference room, receptionist, and training facilities, at a good  price saving you, the investor, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

Global Partners

You know that investors just like you are getting amazing returns from the oil and gas industry while most are unaware of how lucrative oil and gas ventures this can be. You too can invest in American Oil and Bass Energy Exploration.  

Investing in oil and gas drilling benefits us all.


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